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DNA Fitness began with Adam and Danielle Robbins’ visions to create a community that supports and develops people towards pursuing their greatness!

We believe that through education, inspiring and empowering each person that walks through our doors it will lead them to take unstoppable action in pursuing their health and fitness goals which leads to fullness of life!

We pride ourselves in serving you and your needs. Our coaches have the experience needed to take your goals and make them a reality. Whether you exercise every day or you’ve never set foot in a gym, DNA Fitness will help you achieve the fitness level you desire. We believe you were created for GREATNESS!

Adam And Danielle Robbins | OWNERs

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DNA Fitness Coach

Adam Robbins

Adam Robbins is passionate about health, fitness, and people.
"Coaching is more than just fitness, it's helping people navigate from where they are to where they want to go and walking with them through it all."

CrossFit L2/ KB Cert./ Gymnastics Cert. / Powerlifting Cert. / USAW L1 / NASM Personal Trainer /Performance Specialist/ Correct of Exercise Specialist/ Certified Nutrition Coach
Favorite Lift: Snatch

DNA Fitness Coach

Dani Robbins

Dani Robbins is a health and wellness coach. Since 2014, her passion has been to help others live into their maximum potential.

B.S. Physical Education/Sport and Fitness
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
CrossFit L1
Favorite Lift: Power Clean

DNA Fitness Coach

Laura Derrick

"There's great reward and watching someone achieve something they never imagine they could do in knowing you were part of the journey."

USA weightlifting level one Coaching Since 2019
Favorite Lift: Power Clean

DNA Fitness Coach

Danielle Sily

Danielle has been a coach at DNA Fitness since December 2020.
"My goal for every individual I coach is that they learn what it means to be healthy, in aspects such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindset.

CrossFit level 1 Cert.
Coaching Since 2016
Favorite Lift: Snatch

Chris Perez

Competitive USAPL Powerlifter
Masters in Sports Management with specialization in High Performance Coaching from University of Florida
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Been involved in fitness for 8 years and coaching since 2017
Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Melanie Lantigua

My passion is to pick my clients and athletes up wherever they are at in life/nutrition/fitness and make them a little bit better every day. Helping them succeed and reach their individual goals has made me a better person.

Coaching since 2002
ACE Certified Personal Trainer•
Certified Weight Management
Coach•CF gymnastic•aerobic capacity•kids certified• Bachelors with emphasis on healthy nutrition•
Former competitive USAW

Favourite lift: Romanian Deadlift

Nermine AKA Nemo

I've been doing CrossFit since October 2016 and it has become my only source of strength and fitness since then. I have learnt to prioritise mobility and rest over an extra session but I've ridden every CrossFit wave you can imagine, So I can relate to everyone's stages of excitement, and nervousness!

I love meeting new members and help them and support them and witness their progress so I decided to share my knowledge and enjoyment of Health and Fitness with everyone and put on the coaches T. Driven to work with people of all abilities even if this is completely new to them and my personal recommendation is that you get stuck in with it and have as much fun as you can while getting fitter , healthier and happier as a result

I also have experience in coaching kids and Teens which is a different kind of challenge but for me is a fun and exciting one”.

Favorite lift : Clean
Favorite gymnastics skill : pull ups

Hanna Steinmetz

I've been involved in the world of health and fitness for the larger part of my life but, when I discovered CrossFit, it was love at first lift!

I loved it so much that it was only natural I decided to leave my "9-5" job to pursue studies and a career in health and fitness and to dedicate myself to sharing the love of this lifestyle with others.

I immensely enjoy coaching classes here at DNA fitness and have a passion for guiding each athlete on their own individual health journey”.

Favorite quote: Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take. The time will pass anyway.

Favorite lift: Shoulder Press

CrossFit Level 1 Cert

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