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taylor trezona

“I was so unhappy with myself when I first stumbled across DNA fitness. I knew something had to change.

DNA has genuinely changed my life. Without the people and constant support, it would not have been possible. So many times I have tried to join a gym on my own, and every single one of those times I failed.
The physical changes I have seen are awesome, but most importantly my mindset has shifted. I’ve realized it is possible to achieve my goals when the work is put in. It is possible to stick with something and make this a lifestyle and not just a quick fix. I’ve learned it is okay to have a bad day, as long as you get back up. That is what my coaches and teammates at this gym do for me. Encourage and support. Waking up every day and having the ability to workout is a blessing in itself. I am forever grateful for the fellowship I have experienced and all the memories we have made and will continue to make”
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manny valdez

“Manny came into DNA Fitness a bit skeptical. He was overweight and knew he needed help but wasn’t sure if DNA Fitness was going to be the answer.

Fast forward 5 1/2 months and he is down 76 pounds! That is what happens when you have determination, grit, and perseverance. We are so proud of him.”
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danielle center

“DNA Fitness has changed my life. You can’t find coaches like Adam and Danielle anywhere else.

They really have a true passion for helping people be their healthiest. They show you that you can push yourself much further than you thought and that you CAN do. Everyone is Family.”
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You’re unique. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all fitness program. That’s why we start everyone with a 1-on-1 Free Intro Session. You’ll tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll show you how to get it.


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